Today a part of me has died. And I cannot mourn, because I’ve forgotten all the synonyms of “sadness”. Now, all that I can do without you is replace you.Tom à la ferme (2013)

Do not call me perfect,

a lie is never a compliment.

Call me an erratic

damaged and

insecure mess.

Then tell me that you

love me for it.

Beau Taplin || You’re a fucking wreck and I love you for it. (via pecurka)

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this is one of my personal favorite banksy pieces 

Edward Norton on the set of Fight Club - 1999

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Ne zanemarujte ništa od onoga što vam može pribaviti česticu ravnoteže. Sreća ionako nije za vas; to je odlučeno, i to jako davno. Ali ako možete uhvatiti neki od njezinih privida, učinite to. Bez oklijevanja.
Ionako neće potrajati. Michel Houellebecq, Lanzarote i drugi tekstovi (via lyingseason)

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The dreamers 

Lana Del Rey for Rolling Stone Magazine

this is so perfect.  i think that moments like these are what life is all about

we all took this movie too literally